Scalable and secure data platform for simplified data supply chain management

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Data Supply Chain - Simplified

Scalable and secure data platform in the cloud or on premise

Business-driven modeling. Model your users, products, sales and revenue in a business language. Preserve the richness of your domain rather than obscure it with technology constructs.

Unlimited storage capacity. Abaci not only provides the nuts and bolts required to connect your data but is also backed by a cloud database, saving you huge costs on relational databases or data warehouses.

Secure data access. Get complete peace of mind that your data is well protected both by securing it on disk and with enterprise policies that guard data at an individual attribute level.

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Easy development

Intuitive, on-demand analytics

Decision makers across an organization require a wide cross-section of data to make informed decisions. Translating such demands against vast, sometimes disparate datasets presents great challenge to any analytics solution. We designed Abaci with people in mind that encourages use of everyday language to analyse data. Naturally.

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Why Abaci?

Modern & relevant technology. Technology advances faster than most businesses can grasp. We recognise such legacy issues and have developed Abaci to help move enterprises forward. With our platform, solutions evolve iteratively to introduce change at a rate comfortable for your organisation.

Empower your in-house software teams. Modern technology comes with a steep learning curve and a varied supply of resources up to the challenge. Abaci makes itself accessible in familiar programming languages helping existing development and IT teams to learn and implement future systems in a sustainable fashion.

Low total cost of ownership. Cloud and open source software have significantly lowered the cost of data management. With Abaci, we've ensured zero compromise on enterprise features such as security, auditability and ownership. Model, store, lock down. Simple as that.

Market Data Use Case



Our client has a large number of databases with data sourced from external locations. Many of these datasets arrive via business acquisition and take many months to analyse and use meaningfully.

Given the long-tail nature of such a process, extracting real value from datasets associated with newly acquired businesses takes far longer than it should.

Our client built a new subscription engine on top of the Abaci platform. The platform is used to model global taxonomy, physical assets, financial instruments and time series metrics for the relevant market data domains.

Our client is now well positioned to integrate data sourced from internal systems, external locations and acquired businesses in days or weeks, not months.

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Reference Data Use Case



Our client operates an online and offline brokerage across 16 global markets, 200+ product lines and thousands of clients. It has built financial applications over the past 40 years that are siloed to their respective markets and product lines with zero economy of scale around cross-cutting concerns.

All this technological debt has led our client to reconsider its approach and embark on a massive initiative to design and build a more comprehensive electronic brokerage platform that assimilates data from all existing backend trading and financial systems.

Our client leverages Abaci as their strategic warehouse and distribution for all reference (or static) data including clients, contracts and prices. Internal development teams have embraced Abaci and its APIs to quickly turnaround solutions for their respective stakeholders.

Abaci's competitive node-based pricing allows them to scale and save huge costs in integration.

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